Upcoming Programs:

Saturday PM – November 18  ||  10am-2pm Pacific / 1-5pm Eastern
A Tour of the Psychospiritual Continuum: fixed self—->flexible self—->no-self—->beyond self and no-self

Leader: Janet Sims
Type of Program: Special Offering
Prerequisites: Some experience with ‘See, Hear, Feel’; Noting, Trigger Practice and Turn Back
Fee: $20 per person

At one level mindfulness practice (or any contemplative practice) can be understood as a continuum of psycho-spiritual development. Both the science of psychology and many spiritual traditions share the concept of self, the sense of ‘I’ or ‘I am’, and the role self plays in human development. So it is natural that we see the two disciplines working together as a spectrum of ways to be human but encompassing several levels.

This program is an introduction to concepts and practice with the self (sometimes called ‘ego’) as a ‘functional capacity’ that can be fixed or flexible or relatively absent (empty). We have all had the experience of needing in one moment to be a self that offers clear awareness of boundaries and preferences (what to order for dinner), and in the very next moment little or no boundary or preference is needed to function perfectly well (humor and play). Using the attention training focus of mindfulness we learn to move skillfully all along the psychospiritual continuum. In particular, there will be exploration of self as fixed, self as flexible, and the emptiness of self.

The concepts and techniques for this program come from Shinzen’s ULTRA system, Janet’ Sims’ book, Mindful Awareness and Strategy: A Basic Mindfulness Toolkit, and other non-dual teachers.

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