Mindfulness Consultation

Meditation asks us to very directly face our emotional and psychological experiences. In fact, one way to understand meditation is as a psycho-spiritual continuum and is why it is used so much in psychotherapy these days.

However, maybe you don’t need psychotherapy (or you already have a therapist) and you already have a meditation teacher (or even a long-established practice). Still, you think it would be useful to talk to someone who is both an experienced meditator and experienced psychologist. A consultation could be the opportunity for you to have that connection.

An individual consultation or two might be just what you need to:

  • Learn some new strategies for applying your mindfulness to a particular situation unfolding currently in your life.
  • Get a new perspective on where you feel stuck in your meditation practice.
  • Understand more clearly some of the things you are experiencing as you go through various stages of psycho-spiritual development.
  • Just ask questions about meditation and/or reactions you are having to meditation.


Fee: $100/ 1-hr session. Payment by credit card or Paypal (soon).

These sessions are conducted preferable by Skype or Facetime though phone is also possible. Consultations may be scheduled by using the contact form below.

Phone: 503-719-5499 | Fax: 503-206-8032

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