Mindfulness Training

There are many ways to teach/learn mindfulness and apply it to the psychology of everyday life. Basic Mindfulness is the foundation of the formal training and is a system that was designed by a meditation teacher, Shinzen Young. Basic Mindfulness uses the Five Ways of Mindfulness as the primary training tools. Each of the Five Ways of Mindfulness is a practice for raising the baseline level of mindfulness as well as a strategy for coping with challenges or maximizing opportunities.

A scientific approach is employed by teaching formal techniques, practicing and applying techniques systematically, observing the outcome in daily life, changing the technique if necessary, practicing again, observing again, etc. Students are encouraged to be scientists also, and consult their own experience to determine the usefulness of any practices they learn.

Also offered is The Basic Mindfulness Toolkit, a manual that is based on her work teaching mindfulness in psychotherapy. The ‘’toolkit’ offers mindfulness exercises and specific strategies for how to use it with difficult emotions and physical sensations, behavior change, stress and sense of self issues. This book will be published soon and is a guide for anyone who wants to learn to use mindfulness strategically.

Dr. Sims teaches mindfulness individually, in groups and in workshops:

Individual Instruction: A package of 5 1-hour sessions for $200.

Workshop Instruction: Workshops are offered every few months at the Zen Center of Portland. Each workshop  is 4 hours and offers beginning instruction and then application to some specific topic. The workshops are offered on a dana (donation) basis. Some recent topics have been: 

5/9/15   The Basic Mindfulness Toolkit: Being Our Own Teacher

1/24/15  The Basic Mindfulness Toolkit: Strategic Mindful Awareness

5/31/14  The Basic Mindfulness Toolkit : An Introduction Basic Mindfulness and How to Use It

9/28/13  the Basic Mindfulness Toolkit : Working with the Sense of Self

4/6/13 The Basic Mindfulness Toolkit : Working with Difficult Emotions

6/9/12   Avoidance Habits

8/13/11 Focus on Flow: Dissolve and Digest


 Group Instruction: This is a series of 4 or 6 2-hour meetings in which the students will learn either The Five Ways of Mindfulness or The Basic Mindfulness Toolkit. These classes are offered periodically and geared towards either beginner or more experienced students. 

Upcoming Class: Mindful Awareness and Strategy: A Basic Mindfulness Toolkit; a series of 4 Fridays from 12-1:30 beginning 10/28/16. For more information go to the Upcoming Events page here .