Maybe you don’t need psychotherapy, or you already have a therapist. And perhaps you already have a meditation teacher as well. But sometimes you just want to hear another perspective or learn some new strategies, or just be at ease with someone who understands your urge to explore spirituality. A consultation could be what you are looking for. We start with mindfulness but I have experience with several other contemplative practices as well.

Why mindfulness?

Because mindfulness meditation is a simple but profound contemplative practice of being aware. With mindfulness awareness skills we can navigate the entire range of human psycho-spiritual experience and for that reason it is a helpful foundation for most anything in life.

Mindfulness asks us to explore our direct experience. As we turn attention to the present moment we have a direct experience of the objects there–physical emotional, mental–and how they interact. Gradually we come to know intimately the psychological aspect of our human experience.

However, it does not have to end with the psychological, we are more than that. We can also explore that which is aware of the objects, that which doesn’t change when objects come and go. This is our deeper nature, our Essential Self, Essence, Being or Source. This is the spiritual realm of human experience.

Why Consult with me?

Here are the 5 main reasons people report for doing a mindfulness consultation:

  • Life situations: ’I am dealing with ‘X situation’ in my life want some help in how I use mindfulness or contemplative practice of any kind in this situation.’
  • Feeling Stuck: ’My life is repeated cycles of ‘X’ and my meditation is no different. I feel stuck in not moving forward.’
  • Understanding psycho-spiritual development: ‘My therapist says I need to have a stronger sense of self but when I go to my meditation group they talk about letting go of self, I’m confused. Can I do both?’
  • Feeling connection: ‘Nobody in my life understands this kind of spiritual thing. I just can’t talk about it to my family or friends very easily. I’d like to just share and ask questions.’
  • Wanting psychological and mindfulness experience: ‘I liked your site because you do both a therapist and a meditator. I don’t need a therapist but it is a bonus that you have that background’


Individual instruction (non-therapy based) is available in two ways:

  • A one-time introductory package of 3 1-hour sessions for $200.
  • Ongoing support is $95/hour


Consultations can be in person or via teleconference. Payment by Apple Pay, venmo or credit card.

Teleconferencing sessions are conducted via and secured program called VSee. Skype and FaceTime can be used if participants understand the communications are not protected and confidential. Consultations may be scheduled by calling or using the contact form below.

Phone: 503-719-5499 | Fax: 503-206-8032