My approach to psychotherapy is best described as personalized, integrative and mindfulness based. Mindfulness is a contemplative practice which emphasizes attention to the present moment, contact with sensory experience (e.g. feelings, visual and auditory thinking, body sensations), and a non-interfering attitude towards whatever arises in sensory experience. These mindful awareness skills work together to produce integration of mind and body and so form the foundation of the therapy offered. Basic Mindfulness refers to a specific set of exercises used to develop attentional skills.

‘Integrative’ refers to the inclusion of all levels of human functioning—body, mind, relationships, spirit—as well as to the integration of mindfulness with the treatment approach that is best suited for the particular challenges you are facing. Your therapy is personalized and may include treatments based on neuroscience, cognitive therapy, somatic awareness and person-centered therapy.

In summary, I work from a foundation of mindfulness skill (mine and yours) and use psychotherapies which are effective for the particular area(s) where there is difficulty—i.e. body, mind, relationships, spiritual. We work together to help you get relief from such conditions as depression, anxiety or chronic pain, work/life, relationship difficulties, trauma, identity challenges, loss and grieving.